Our educational program is developed on the philosophy of partnering with parents to provide your children the opportunity to learn in a safe. faith based, Christian environment. We understand that each child is uniquely gifted, so their special talents and abilities will be recognized and flourish through out their time with us. We will strive to ensure that your child succeeds, and that they develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. We are so excited to be a part of your child’s early education. Come learn and grow with us!


We believe that free play and other outdoor activities are an integral part of a child’s social and developmental growth. With the child’s utmost safety in mind, we have created ample opportunity for your child’s small and large muscle development, creative expression and improvement of their language skills through interaction with other children, toys and play equipment. We want your child to be free to express and exercise themselves at play in safe environment under the care of our caring staff.


Here at theSprings Preschool we also believe in the power of prayer. We believe in a God that created us, believes in us and wants to have a relationship with us. We will read bible stories and coloring activities with historical bible characters and we will have children’s chapel at least once a week in coordination with the children’s ministry of the church. Parents are always invited to attend as much as is practicable and be a part of our fun activities.


theSprings Preschool is on a mission to not only prepare your child for Kindergarten, but also to lay a solid foundation for this journey called life! We have a structured curriculum targeted to each age group that advances as the child grows and prepares them for the next step. We will work at each child’s pace and constantly communicate with you, the parent on how you can continue to build on what we have done at home and anytime the opportunity exists. We understand that children absorb information at all times in formal or informal settings and it is our goal to ensure the age appropriateness of information being presented to your child while in our care, to the extent that they are able to comprehend and process these for their growth and development. We expect that you the parent will partner with us in this regard and continue this process after they leave our care.