2 Year Olds / Toddler Program

The toddler class educational activities include playing, sharing, role play, exploring, blocks, books and music will all be a part of their day. A careful balance of quiet activities, music, movement and outdoor play time, when consistently applied through their daily schedule will enhance their developmental strides. We will work with your child to recognize printed numbers, patterns, different parts of their bodies (eyes, nose, ears) and identify primary colors.

3 Year Olds / Preschool Program

The preschool program is focused on the growing experiences of the preschooler. Our classrooms are designed to facilitate their learning in the areas of social, cognitive, language,and writing skills. We will be working on sequencing, matching, storytelling, letter and number recognition and teach the children to embrace cultural diversity.

4 Year Olds / Pre-K Program

The Pre-K program is centered on preparing the children for kindergarten and lifelong learning. More focus is given to gross and fine motor skills, with special attention to writing skills at their level, differentiating between letters and numbers, recognize different shapes and recreate them. We will help them learn and demonstrate problem solving skills. Teachers prepare and provide opportunities for individual and cooperative learning, independent discovery and the much needed outdoor playtime!

Summer Program

At our summer program, we are always learning and having fun. The summer program features lessons and activities in arts and crafts, music and movement, sports and games, storytelling, book reading, character qualities and life skills in a safe and nurturing environment. The goal is directed towards having fun and a memorable summer, all the while getting them ready for the next school year.

DES Approved

theSprings Preschool and Childcare is DES approved!